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I am a Principal Creative,  

Technologist and Speaker. 

Design, Technology and Creativity are what I'm most passionate about and part of who I am.

From Teaching to Envisioning and Designing to Developing, I love creating and influencing 

compelling experiences that help clients, brands and people from all over the world.


Be Open. Be Curious. Be humble.

Love what you do.


I believe that to truly do great work it is important to empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. It’s through this way of thinking and process that you can get a deeper understanding of the people, products and services that you are creating for.


I believe that by researching the needs of people you can better identify the desires and problems they have. Which can help to better understand how to create for them and open opportunities to challenge assumptions, ideate more freely and super charge solutions that can be tested and refine.



"Lynnette is a very talented individual who is extremely passionate about her work. Her professionalism, creativity, and her ability to develop engaging experiences makes her a joy to work with. She's capable of coming up with the big idea or managing the client. Definitely someone to have on your team."

DAMON HENRY |  Founder & Managing Partner at Kortx IO

"Lynnette is one of those rare breeds of creative directors that understands and appreciates the importance of applying quantitative analysis to marketing initiatives. While working with Lynnette on a variety of projects, she did not hesitate to offer her creative designs up for A/B testing and understood that the results would provide insight into what drove customer responses. She would be a valuable asset to any agency or company, especially in today's dynamic market place."

PATRICK FALCONER | Research Partner at UM WW


//BUILD 2015

//BUILD 2016



Over the last 5 years, I have spoken at numerous conferences about design thinking, system design and designing for universal languages and have worked closely with designers and developers from a diverse range of companies to bring their ideas to fruition. I love working with groups and individuals to educate and inspire them around looking at designing differently. It is always super important to consider the many diverse types of people around the planet, and that one design cannot be considered the catch all for everyone nor can designing just for one-person scale to the needs of many. That through empathy and understanding of each other’s limitations we can bridge the gaps and reach so much further.

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