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Bryson DeChambeau


During the partnership between PGA Tour and Microsoft, it was important to have a golfer represent the work from a golfer’s prospective. But due to limitations, the groups decided to create a relationship directly with one. Luckily for Microsoft, they found Bryson DeChambeau who is one of the most technically, data-obsessed player around in golf to help create key opportunities with.


I was asked while working at Microsoft to help work with and work on the projects and concepts for Bryson DeChambeau/Microsoft Partnership consisting of a TV commercial, UWP App, HoloLens experience, Data Visuals and usage with Power BI, as well as education of design concepts and concerting for golf data in the future.


Influencing through design

One of the key aspects of working in the partnership was helping to define the brand and styling between the elements of Microsoft and how that would feed into working with Bryson DeChambeau for all of our different entities. 

I was asked to look at different ways we could express what golf looked like when considering data and Azure as there are many variables that make up a shot. Here are a few initial mock ups that helped to drive the final outcome in print and also what was done on the TV spot that went nationwide.


Onsite Event

In addition to helping with the branding for the partnership I was also asked to speak to numerous external partners that we were working with and in collaboration under this partnership around golf.

During one of the on-sites, I showed different representations of what we were doing around the key golf experiences and the partnership as well as talking through the discussion points of where we currently are as a whole around golf data visualizations and where the future could go.


Many of the companies I spoke to found great inspiration from my talks and helped them in how they were thinking about their products and how to drive them moving forward.

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.39.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.38.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 3.40.01 PM.png

The Sensor App

The Sensoria team was extremely interested in the work that I had been doing with Bryson and also the application that I had been designing as a concept around sensors and data visualization.


They were so enthusiastic about the design that they asked for the design that I created and used it in an existing prototype they had and for their final app product.


Influencing through tech

The work with Bryson was one of the first of its kinds and it really helped to drive how golf and technology could be infused together. For example, the HoloLens experience which allowed you to plot different points within your actual game and a hole really revolutionized way to think and visualize the data around the experience.

Bryson really was enthusiastic about it and put a lot of knowledge and insight into the actual application providing guidance in how best to think about it, what data was needed and ways to really push it. He provided me with a ton of feedback to help really drive the application and the end result.


Working with Bryson

Working with Bryson was one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. He has such a great passion for what he does and is extremely smart in many ways beyond golf, like he’s profound way of applying physics to the game, his dedication to always finding ways to improve and the unique ways he approaches golf as a whole. 


I really appreciated the insight and experiences I received through interacting with him and all the other companies that worked with him. It was also a ton of fun to play as an extra in the Microsoft Bryson commercial along with a few of my other teammates they worked with him from Microsoft, as seen below.

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