The PGA Tour applications were created under the partnership between Microsoft and PGA Tour as a mobile first, cloud first transformation of the PGA TOUR. With the intent to drive efficiencies via a commercial line of business and to innovate the way the Tour engaged with broadcast networks, volunteers and their fans.

The two applications were created to serve as the 'best in class' for PGA TOUR on Windows 10. Each application successfully strived to improve the advocacy and communication from the broadcast to volunteers to fans, and from each shot taken, to the location of the ball, as well as the players specific stats as needed.

An App for the fans

The PGA TOUR Consumer app was created as an experience to accommodate the needs of the fans, from both on the course during a tournament and off the course at home. With each glance and tab view, a user could capture the essence of the game from each stroke, to their latest stat ranking based on plays of the day. With the power of notifications, dynamic leaderboards and live game play there was never moment that could be lost or not shared from each player.


The design of the PGA Tour apps was a melting between the PGA Tour brand itself and the Windows 10 core controls and patterns that Window users had become accustom to. The app was meant to feel as lightweight as possible and only drawing focus on the most important element while still displaying dense rich data for each hole, event or player. In addition, to the melting of the core UX, new elements and styles like the data visuals and 3D holes were created exclusively for the PGA TOUR brand and have continued to be utilized by the TOUR for many other experiences after these applications had launched.

The consumer app was design for a diverse range of devices from mobile, to desktop, to Xbox and even a Surface hub and to ensure that no matter the device the tournament could always be within reach.

For the surface hub, a custom view was created to display relevant contextual hole content in the hospitality tents of that assigned hole at the tournaments.  


An app for the volunteers

One of the key challenges that volunteers face during a tournament was tracking a play and ensuring that it was captured as needed. While the PGA TOUR had an existing system, there were numerous disadvantages to it, from the collective issues, responsiveness, accuracy and the biggest issue from the volunteers was visibility, as the devices and UI lacked the ability for most of the older volunteers to see. With the help of this application, the volunteers were able to improve their ability to do their job and help the overall tournament.


Positive News

The Launch of both applications was a pivotal moment for the partnership between PGA Tour and Microsoft. Both applications received a ton of positive press and feedback for the work done on Windows 10 and with Azure.

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